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DVD Receiver with Front USB
Interface and Front AUX In
General Features

Packed with the most advanced audio technology, the built-in Sound Excellence DSP lets you create
the the ultimate sound field for your car. Front AV Input/USB expands your music library with easy
connection and access to media on your iPod/iPhone and other media player devices.
  • iPod iPhone PLAY BACK
         Whenever you desire to play the music stored on your iPod or iPhone, simply hook up your  
.                iPod via the optional cable KCAiP101 to Kenwood’s USB Interface, allowing full speed data
.                transfer through USB. The optional cable can also be used to charge battery of your iPod or
.                iPhone.
  • Music Search
            Music Search is the most convenient way to search for your favorite song from your music     
.               library. Simply push the search key, then all you need is to rotate the volume knob until it        
.               comes to the song you are looking for.
  • High Quality Sound
        Sound excellence DSP
            The car is the severest test for audio systems, and Kenwood answers the challenge with      
.               Sound Excellence DSP. When road noise threatens to bury the nuances, the Highway-           
.               Sound function is ready to restore the excitement in the music. When the sound from              
.               different speakers does not seem to arrive in sync, built-in Digital Time Alignment                   
.               optimises timing for an ideal listening experience. Turn on the advanced digital audio            
.               compensation technology of Supreme+ and enhance sound reproduction for near-CD           
.               quality from compressed audio files. True to its name, the Sound Excellence DSP suite of     
.               functions opens new frontiers in audio excellence – a standard of quality that can only be      
.                called Kenwood.
            An AUX terminal can be used for an iPod or other portable audio player connection. The         
.               USB terminal can be used to input USB memory, attach a USB compatible digital audio         
.               player or iPod through iPod cable. These terminals are on the front of the unit and have a      
.               sliding cover to avoid dust and ensure more secure connections.-iPod USB direct control      
.               only on KDC-BT7043U, KDC-MP6043U, and KDC-MP5043U

  •        DIVX
  •        TDF
  •        8 Digit FL
  •        1Videoout
  •        50W×4 MOSFET
  •        System e
  •        2.5V 2PREOUTS
  •        Woofer Ready
  •        24Bit DAC
  •        WMA mp3 WAV
  •        MPEG 1/2
  •        DVD VIDEO
  •        DVD-VR/±R/RW
  •        CD-R RW READY
  •        DUAL ZONE