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Warranty Terms and Conditions
The warranty will be only honoured in the country in which the unit was originally purchased.

KENWOOD Electronics is proud of the quality and workmanship of its audio equipment. This unit has been properly designed,
tested and inspected before it was shipped to you. If properly installed and operated in accordance with instructions furnished, it
should give optimum reliable performance.


Each of the KENWOOD brand products is expressly warranted under normal installation and use against defects in material
and workmanship. During the warranty perios, KENWOOD ELECTRONICS will provide to any KENWOOD Authorized Service
Center in Philippines free of charge both parts and labour necessary to correct any defect in material or workmanship. However,
the exclusion noted under
"CONDITIONS OF THE WARRANTY" are not covered bu this warranty.


Kenwood brand car stereos and power amplifiers are expressly warranted for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of the original


When requesting service under KENWOOD warranty record, together with a valid purchase docket must be presented to an
authorized KENWOOD Service Center with your equipment.

The following are not covered by this warranty:
1.        Voltage Conversions.
2.        Cabinets, grills, other exterior finished, belts, tape heads, and other non-durable parts and accessories.
3.        Any fault caused by faulty installation, water damage, the vehicle (including its electrical system) or connection to an             
           incorrect power supply.
4.        Periodic check-ups which do not disclose any defects covered by the warranty.
5.        Units on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed.
6.        Damage or deterioration:
         a.        Resulting from installation and/or removal of product.
         b.        Resulting from accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorised product modification or failure to follow instructions                  
                     contained in the Owner's manual.
         c.        Resulting from repair by anyone not authorized by KENWOOD.
         d.        Resulting from installation of parts or accessories that do not conform to the quality or specifications of the original     
                     parts or accessories.
         e.        Occurring damage shipment (claims must be presented to shipper).
7.        Damage magnetic tapes.
8.        Installation and removal charges are not covered.
9.        This warranty excludes shipping or delivery charges to or from an authorized KENWOOD Service Center.
10.      The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product which the    
            consumer has under the Trade Practices Act and/or other State or Territories Laws.


1.        Make your equipment available, with this warranty record and proof of purchase attached, to the dealer from whom you        
           made the purchase, or the nearest authorized KENWOOD Service Center, or ship your equipment in its original                     
           packaging, or equivalent, fully insured and shipping charges pre-paid, to the authorised KENWOOD Service center.
2.        Attach detailed description of the problem encountered, including details of any interconnections made to associated          
3.        Make sure you recover the warranty card and  your proof of purchase when accepting the equipment back after repair.


1.        Proper maintenance and use are important to the performance level of all Kenwood brand products. Therefore, you              
           should read you instruction manual.
2.        Retain your proof of purchase together with the warranty card in a safe place, and present them both to prove your                 
           eligibility for warranty work.
3.        We recommend that you keep all the original packaging as it provides the best protection you can have for transportation    
           of your equipment in the future.
4.        Location of nearest Kenwood service center will be sent upon request.
5.        This warranty is in addition to and not in place of such rights at the owner may have at law.